Daithiaur is the fictious Head Librarian of Gondor. He is one of the RP characters of the player GandalfNine.



As of October, 3018, Daithiaur is 60 years old.


As he is passed his prime, he's a bit rusty at swordfighting. He excels in the art of fortification by redstone contraptions and magical spells. Although he's not as powerful as an Istari, Daithiaur certaintly has tapped into the inner fabrics of reality through rigorous mental training and studying over ancient runes of bygone days.


Daithiaur sustained many injuries during his life. The most serious was a barbed poisoned Orc arrow to the calf, sustained during an ambush in his soldier years. This causes him to have a noticable limp, and he must support himself with a knarled oak shillelagh, a versatile tool if there ever was one.

Personality TypeEdit

A gruff old man with a biting wit when in the presence of friends, but eloquent and diplomatic when at the service of kings and noblemen: Daithiaur is truly a two sided coin. He dislikes Orcs and Goblins, believing them above all a savage and evil race. He is not awfully fond of pigeons either. Imagine if you had to scrape poo off of statues every afternoon for 37 years..