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This page will contains all of the blocks added by the Awaken Dreams mod and their coresponding block IDs. A list of items with their IDs will be coming soon.

Block Ids[]

Picture Block Name Block ID
Green Ore.png
Jade Ore 500
Amber Ore.png
Amber Ore 501
Tanzanite Ore.png
Tanzanite Ore 502
Permanent Dirt.png
Permanent Dirt 503
Luindol 504
Hopper 505
Ruby Ore.png
Ruby Ore 506
Amethyst Ore.png
Amethyst Ore 507
Onyx Ore.png
Onyx Ore 508
Moonstone Ore.png
Moonstone Ore 509
Quartz Ore.png
Quartz Ore 510
Minas Morgul Glowstone.png
Minas Morgul Glowstone 511
Aragonath Stone.png
Aragonath Stone 512
Block of Mithril.png
Block of Mithril 513
Blue Bed.png
Bed Blue Block 514
Brown Bed.png
Bed Brown Block 515
Crystal Ore.png
Crystal Ore 516
Desert Road Block.png
Desert Road Block 517
Dirt Road Block.png
Dirt Road Block 518
Light Blue Glowstone.png
Light Blue Glowstone 519
Black Iron.png
Black Iron 520
Moria Pillar Stone.png
Moria Pillar Stone 521
Rusty Iron.png
Rusty Iron 522
Elf Floor.png
Elf Floor 523
Gondorian Floor.png
Gondorian Floor 524
Stone Floor.png
Stone Floor 525
Moria Trapdoor.png
Moria Trapdoor 526
Bree Door.png
Bree Door 527
Wheel Engine.png
Wheel Engine 528
Stone Inscription.png
Stone Inscription Post 529
Stone Inscription.png
Stone Inscription Wall 530
Palm Leaves.png
Palm Leaves 531
Palm Log.png
Palm Log 532
Palm sapling.png
Palm Sapling 533
Smooth Stone.png
Smooth Stone 534
Cracked Smooth Stone.png
Cracked Smooth Stone 535
Hay 536
Cracked Earth.png
Cracked Earth 537
Bag End Floor.png
Bag End Floor 538
Bag End Wall.png
Bag End Wall 539
Brown Stone.png
Brown Stone 540
Mordor Stone.png
Mordor Stone 541
Cliff Block.png
Cliff Block 542
Spider Egg.png
Spider Egg 543
Bakrúel 544
Hopperfoot 545
Madarch 546
Mehás 547
Arfandas 548
Athelas 549
Bellis 550
Lamp 551
Gondorian Stone.png
Gondorian Stone 552
Gondorian Brick Stone.png
Gondorian Brick Stone 553
Cracked Gondorian Stone Brick.png
Cracked Gondorian Brick Stone 554
Lorien Lamp.png
Lorien Lamp 555
Bucklebury Lamp.png
Bucklebury Lamp 556
Salt Ore.png
Salt Ore 557
Simbelmyne 558
Bree Glass.png
Bree Glass 559
Shire Flower.png
Shire Flower 560
Dark Metal.png
Dark Metal 561
Rivendell Wood.png
Rivendell Wood 562
Moss 563
Gondorian Roof.png
Gondorian Roof 564
Rivendell Roof.png
Rivendell Roof 565
Mossy Gondorian Brick Stone.png
Mossy Gondorian Brick Stone 566
Dwarf Door Item.png
Dwarf Door 567
Window 568
Rohan Bricks.png
Rohan Brick 569
Mordor Brick Stone.png
Mordor Brick Stone 570
Mithril Ore.png
Mithril Ore 571
Bree Glass Pane.png
Bree Glass Pane 572
Arlans Slipper.png
Arlans Slipper 573
Numenorean 574
Dwarf Inner Wall Decoration.png
Dwarf Inner Wall Decoration 575
Dale Stone.png
Dale Stone 576
Dwarf Inner Wall Stone.png
Dwarf Inner Wall Stone 577
Red Lapis.png
Red Lapis 578
Purple Lapis.png
Purple Lapis 579
Light Blue Lapis.png
Light Blue Lapis 580
Green Lapis.png
Green Lapis 581
Dwarf Wall.png
Dwarf Wall 582
Brown Lapis.png
Brown Lapis 583
Dwarf Floor.png
Dwarf Floor 584
Dwarven Hall Floor.png
Dwarven Hall Floor 585
Dwarf Stone.png
Dwarf Stone 586
Dwarven Torch.png
Dwarven Torch 587
Rohan Gold.png
Rohan Gold 588
Rohan Iron.png
Rohan Iron 589
Dark Dwarf Stone.png
Dark Dwarf Stone 590
Medium Dark Dwarf Stone.png
Medium Dark Dwarf Stone 591
Mud Block.png
Mud Block 592
Gondorian Brickstone Stairs.png
Gondorian Brickstone Stairs 593
Light Brown Wood.png
Light Brown Wood 594
Old Tree.png
Old Tree 595
Bree Bookshelf.png
Bree Bookshelf 596
Cross Hay.png
Cross Hay 597
Light Grey Circle Stone.png
Light Grey Circle Stone 598
Hobbit Lamp 1.png
Hobbit Lamp 1 599
Hobbit Lamp 2.png
Hobbit Lamp 2 600
Lossarnarch Decoration Stone.png
Lossarnarch Decoration Stone 601
Bree Lamp.png
Bree Lamp 602
Archet Lamp.png
Archet Lamp 603
Gondorian Brickstone Slab.png
Gondorian Brickstone Slab 604
Gondorian Brick Stone.png
Gondorian Brickstone Double Slab 605
Town Marker.png
Town Marker 606
Village Marker.png
Village Marker 607
Ruin Marker.png
Ruin Marker 608
Elven Stone Floor.png
Elven Stone Floor 609
Ancient Stone.png
Ancient Stone 610
Bree Stone Brick.png
Bree Stone Bricks 611
Cracked Bree Stone Brick.png
Cracked Bree Stone Bricks 612
Mossy Bree Stone Brick.png
Mossy Bree Stone Brick 613
Shire Hay.png
Shire Hay 614
Bree Oak Planks.png
Bree Oak Planks 615
Bree Spruce Planks.png
Bree Spruce Planks 616
Bree Birch Planks.png
Bree Birch Planks 617
Bree Jungle Planks.png
Bree Jungle Planks 618
Shire Path.png
Shire Path 619
Bree Floor.png
Bree Floor 620
Arnor Floor.png
Arnor Floor 621
Cardolan Brick Stone.png
Cardolan Brick Stone 622
Elven Sandstone Floor.png
Elven Sandstone Floor 623
Dead Lava.png
Dead Lava 624
Chiseled White Stone.png
Chiseled White Stone 625
Needles 626
Rhun Floor.png
Rhun Floor 627
Khand Floor.png
Khand Floor 628
Hobbit Window.png
Hobbit Window 629
Old Toby Crop.png
Old Toby Crop 630
City Marker.png
City Marker 631
Rivendell Floor.png
Rivendell Floor 632
Column 633
Column Top.png
Column Top 634
Dwarf Bricks.png
Dwarf Bricks 635
Dwarf Floor 2.png
Dwarf Floor 2 636
Dwarf Floor 3.png
Dwarf Floor 3 637
Dwarf Floor 4.png
Dwarf Floor 4 638
Dwarf Floor 5.png
Dwarf Floor 5 639
Dwarf Floor 6.png
Dwarf Floor 6 640
Dwarf Floor 7.png
Dwarf Floor 7 641
Dwarf Floor 8.png
Dwarf Floor 8 642
Dwarf Floor 9.png
Dwarf Floor 9 643
Dwarf King Stone.png
Dwarf King Stone 644
Dwarf King Floor.png
Dwarf King Floor 645
Dwarf King Floor 2.png
Dwarf King Floor 2 646
Dwarven Pillar Decoration.png
Dwarven Pillar Decoration 647
Dwarven Steel.png
Dwarven Steel 648
Erebor Floor.png
Erebor Floor 649
Erebor Floor 2.png
Erebor Floor 2 650
Ered Luin Stone.png
Ered Luin Stone 651
Iron Hills Floor.png
Iron Hills Floor 652
Smooth Gold.png
Smooth Gold 653
Rivendell Wall.png
Rivendell Wall 654
Sindar Stone.png
Sindar Stone 655
Sindar Floor.png
Sindar Floor 656
Sindar Floor 2.png
Sindar Floor 2 657
Sindar Decoration Stone.png
Sindar Decoration Stone 658
Noldor Floor.png
Noldor Floor 659
Noldoor Sandstone Floor.png
Noldor Sandstone Floor 660
Mallorn Woodplanks.png
Mallorn Woodplanks 661
Lindon Wood.png
Lindon Wood 662
Lindon Wall Decoration.png
Lindon Wall Decoration 663
High Elf Wall.png
High Elf Wall 664
Harlindon Wood.png
Harlindon Wood 665
Forlond Floor.png
Forlond Floor 666
Forlindon Wood.png
Forlindon Wood 667
Forlindon Wall.png
Forlindon Wall 668
Elven Stonewall.png
Elven Stonewall 669
Elven Noble Wall.png
Elven Noble Wall 670
Rivendell Statue Bottom.png
Rivendell Statue Bottom 671
Elven Decoration.png
Elven Decoration 672
Elven Decoration Light.png
Elven Decoration Light 673
Elven Decoration 2.png
Elven Decoration 2 674
Elven Decoration 3.png
Elven Decoration 3 675
Hobbit Floor.png
Hobbit Floor 676
Hobbit Floor 2.png
Hobbit Floor 2 677
Dark Bricks.png
Dark Bricks 678
Rohirrim Crossbeam.png
Rohirrim Crossbeam 679
Crossbeam 680
Crossbeam 2.png
Crossbeam 2 681
Crossbeam 3.png
Crossbeam 3 682
Standard Crossbeam.png
Standard Crossbeam 683
Standard Crossbeam 2.png
Standard Crossbeam 2 684
Standard Crossbeam 3.png
Standard Crossbeam 3 685
Vertical Beam.png
Vertical Beam 686
Vertical Horizontal Beam.png
Vertical Horizontal Beam 687
Missing Texture.png
Empty 688
Dale Sandstone.png
Dale Sandstone 689
Dale Tiles.png
Dale Tiles 690
Dale Wall.png
Dale Wall 691
Harad Sandstone Floor.png
Harad Sandstone Floor 692
Harad Stonebricks.png
Harad Stonebricks 693
Sandfloor 694
Umbar Haven Floor.png
Umbar Haven Floor 695
Umbar Stonebricks.png
Umbar Stonebricks 696
Umbar Wall Decoration.png
Umbar Wall Decoration 697
Khand Stonebricks.png
Khand Stonebricks 698
Brown Bricks.png
Brown Bricks 699
Edoras Cobblestone.png
Edoras Cobblestone 700
Reinforced Wood.png
Reinforced Wood 701
Meduseld Wood.png
Meduseld Wood 702
Rohirrim Wall Decoration.png
Rohirrim Wall Decoration 703
Statue Head.png
Statue Head 704
Rohirrim Oak Wood Planks.png
Rohirrim Oak Wood Planks 705
Rohirrim Spruce Wood Planks.png
Rohirrim Spruce Wood Planks 706
Rohirrim Birch Wood Planks.png
Rohirrim Birch Wood Planks 707
Rohirrim Jungle Wood Planks.png
Rohirrim Jungle Wood Planks 708
Angmar Floor.png
Angmar Floor 709
Angmar Bricks.png
Angmar Bricks 710
Beorning Wood.png
Beorning Wood 711
Annuminas Decoration.png
Annuminas Decoration 712
Arnor Decoration Jewel.png
Arnor Decoration Jewel 713
Arnor Bricks.png
Arnorian Bricks 714
Minas Tirith Floor.png
Minas Tirith Floor 715
Pelagir Stone.png
Pelagir Stone 716
White Cobblestone.png
White Cobblestone 717
Dunland Totem.png
Dunland Totem 718
Dunland Wall Decoration.png
Dunland Wall Decoration 719
Mirkwood Web.png
Mirkwood Web 720
Dale Window.png
Dale Window 721
Dale Window 2.png
Dale Window 2 722
Harad Window.png
Harad Window 723
Mordor Lamp.png
Mordor Lamp 724
Harad Light.png
Harad Light 725
Elven Lamp.png
Elven Lamp 726
Carn Dum Lamp.png
Carn Dum Lamp 727
Elven Door.png
Elven Door 728
Human Door.png
Human Door 729
Green Bed.png
Green Bed Block 730
Bree Tile.png
Bree Tile 731
Bree Tile Stairs.png
Bree Tile Stairs 732
Bree Tile Slab.png
Bree Tile Slab 733
Numenorean Stairs.png
Numenorean Stairs 734
Numenorean Slab.png
Numenorean Slab 735

Item Ids[]

Coming soon.