Crafting recipes is a key part of minecraft gameplay, especially in Survival mode. The Awaken Dreams mod adds many recipes so that you can get many of the items and blocks that the mod has to offer in your survival worlds. This page provides a handy list of all such recipes currently in the game. This page is not complete, but we are working on it ^_^

Miscellaneous ItemsEdit

Name Ingredients Input » Output
Bronze Ingot Gold Ingot + Iron Ingot Bronze Ingot Crafting
Orange Muffin Orange + Sugar + Wheat Orange Muffin Crafting
Strawberry Mufin Strawberry + Sugar + Wheat Strawberry Muffin Crafting
Parchment Paper Parchment Crafting
Uruk Sword Iron Ingots + Stick Uruk Sword Crafting
Lembas Bread + Golden Apple
Lembas Crafting
Rucksack Leather
Rucksack Crafting

Miscellaneous BlocksEdit

Name Ingredients Input » Output
Dirt Road Block Dirt + Gravel Dirt Road Block Crafting
Dessert Road Block Sand + Gravel Desert Road Block Crafting