Rohan is one of the larger nations of Middle-Earth. It's mostly know for their many horses and especially the meara horse which only can be found in Rohan. This is the most untameless horserace in the entire Middle Earth universe.

Theoden lives in the great mead hall of Meduseld in Edoras, the capitol of Rohan. Since Theoden is the king his quests are called Missions. Missions are larger and more difficult versions of normal quests given by rulers or high ranked men.

His son Théodred stand by his side in Meduseld (he dies in the movie), where you can get quests as well.

About the FactionEdit

For as long as men have sung songs and heard tales of wild beasts and extraordinary deeds of their ancestors, the kingdom of Rohan has existed. Once a principality of Gondor, Rohan is home to a proud and vengeful people with particular skill in horseback riding. Rohan lies between the Misty Mountains, Fangorn Forest, and the upper belt of the White Mountains, but the kingdom largely sits ontop of a vast and unforested plain. Ruled by King Theoden, Rohan is the blood enemy of the tribes of Dunland.

Alignment: Good


Theoden, Son of Thengel- King

Theodred- Second Marshal of Rohan, Prince of Rohan

Eomer- Lord of the Mark

Grimbold- Marshal of Rohan

Erkenbrand- Lord of the West Mark, Marshal of the West-mark

Eofrain- Lord of Foldburg (nicrlaitheking)

Elfhelm-Marshal of the East Mark

Hama- Doorward of the Meduseld, Captain of the King's Guard

Dunhere- Lord of Harrowdale