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The Valar Project- is a Lord of the Rings server with our own LotR- mod (Awaken Dreams)

ONE OF THE BIGGEST MINECRAFT PROJECTS EVER! for newest version of Minecraft [1.5.2]

2012-08-28 19.13.22
Facebook fan page: Awaken Dreams

Please give a diamond, subscribe, register and favorite on planet minecraft. i have started to make the biggest maps ever seen in Minecraft. We will build Middle-Earth in a 1:3 scale. when the map is done it will be added to a server. im building and designing in the spirit of Peter Jackson, Tolkien and other LOTR games. cities, buildings, natural locations and easter eggs are based on real maps, pictures and geographic info. the plan is to give people an idea how huge Middle-earth really is. when this project is finished it will go from the bay of forochel in the north to the mountains south from Umbar and from Tol Fuin in the west to the land of Dyr in the east.

this is the plan for our multi- and singleplayer-mod: its gonna include new textures, new food, new weathers, new biomes, new blocks, new mobs, NPC's, quests, ingame jobs, new mob animals, magics, commands for mobs, a mana bar, a reputation bar, factions, ingame gamble games, ability to wear rings, ability to use two weapons, new nature stuff, new weapons, a quest-board, new potions, new items, new vehicles, two-handed weapons, new achivements, ability to block with weapons, small blocks, gates, musical instruments, ability to see other players health, new valueables, coins, LOTR music, new sounds and special LOTR stuff. our plan is to create the world of Tolkien combinded with other game facts. we will try as hard as we can to make the world the most realistic in the spirit of Tolkien. all of the buildings will be builded with small blocks.

Scale 1:3 (biggest LOTR server for now)

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